ENTERPRISE Support Plan: Comprehensive, Full-Service Website Management

The ENTERPRISE Support Plan is our most exclusive offering, providing an all-encompassing solution for large-scale businesses that demand full-time dedication and a hands-on approach to their online presence. This plan encompasses all the advanced features and services of the ADVANCE Plan, along with the dedicated, full-time expertise of a project manager, a designer, and a programmer.

What the ENTERPRISE Plan Offers:

  • Full-Time Project Manager: Your projects will be guided from start to finish by a dedicated project manager, ensuring a streamlined development process, timely delivery, and alignment with your business objectives.
  • Full-Time Designer: Any and all graphic work including brochures, logos, website designs, and elements are covered. Our full-time designer will ensure your brand’s visual impact resonates with your audience and stands out in the marketplace.
  • Full-Time Programmer: Whether it’s WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, or custom PHP projects, our full-time programmer will be on hand to build, optimize, and maintain your technical infrastructure with precision and skill.

Tailored for Substantial Projects:

  • Complete Project Oversight: From conceptualization to launch, every stage is meticulously managed to adhere to the highest standards of quality.
  • Versatile Design Capability: A vast array of design needs are catered to, ensuring consistency and creativity across all your marketing and communication channels.
  • Expert Development for Varied Platforms: Our team’s expertise spans across the most popular and robust web platforms, guaranteeing functional, secure, and scalable solutions.

Ideal for:

  • Full-Scale Companies: Enterprises that require a full-fledged team to maintain and grow their online projects will find the ENTERPRISE plan a perfect match.
  • Ongoing Project Needs: For businesses that need continuous updates, improvements, and oversight, this plan offers peace of mind with a dedicated team focused on your success.

Invest in the ENTERPRISE Support Plan for unwavering support and comprehensive care for your projects. With a full-time team at your disposal, your digital endeavors will not just meet but exceed industry standards, propelling your business to new heights.

Subscription Duration

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months

Enterprise support

8 500,00 51 000,00 



  • What does having a full-time project manager entail in the ENTERPRISE Plan?

    With a full-time project manager, you’ll have an expert dedicated to overseeing your website’s development process. They will manage timelines, coordinate with the design and development team, ensure project milestones are met, and serve as your primary point of contact.

  • How does the full-time designer contribute to my business under the ENTERPRISE Plan?

    Our full-time designer will handle all aspects of your visual branding needs, from creating logos and brochures to designing web pages and their elements. This ensures a cohesive and high-quality brand presence across all customer touchpoints.

  • What kind of programming support is included with the full-time programmer?

    The full-time programmer will be skilled in WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, and custom PHP projects, providing a range of services from site maintenance and updates to custom feature development and performance optimization.

  • Is the ENTERPRISE Plan suitable for businesses with non-WordPress platforms?

    While the ENTERPRISE Plan specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce, our team’s expertise extends to Laravel and custom PHP projects, making it a versatile choice for various platforms and technical needs.

  • How does the ENTERPRISE Plan ensure the continuous growth and maintenance of my projects?

    The ENTERPRISE Plan is designed for ongoing project management, with a dedicated team to regularly update, optimize, and expand your site’s capabilities. This proactive approach ensures your projects evolve with your business needs and market demands.