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Web site https://redzidigital.com ( hereinafter also – redzidigital.com) are the teams of SIA “REDZI Digital” developed representative web site where _ possible to look at the ones developed by SIA “REDZI Digital” projects , get acquainted With special SIA “ REDZI Digital” pass project implementation of the proposed services and creative , responsive command as _ also to read the latest blog articles and get in touch with SIA “REDZI Digital” to join team , get consultations or realize any idea . Web The site redzidigital.com is responsive and is suitable for use computers , tablets and mobile phones .

Before you use the website.com , use the website sites redzidigital.com any User interests is the get to know and respect below described rules and regulations terms used .

Terms used in the Terms

  • Web site redzidigital.com modern , digital and representative web site that _ intended fornatural persons and / or legal persons who _ is the interested in the information provided by SIA “REDZI Digital ” information offered _ services or want to join the team of SIA “REDZI Digital” ;
  • Web developer of vizidigital.com SIA “REDZI Digital” , legal address – Ropaži street 14 k-1-26, Riga , LV-1039, registration no. 40203277708, e-mail: info@redzidigital.com , tel . no. +371 25925427, which Copyright protected according to With Latvia Republic In force existing regulations acts copyright in the field .
  • SIA “REDZI Digital” – SIA “ REDZI Digital” , legal address : Ropaži street 14 k-1-26, Riga , LV-1039, registration no. 40203277708, e-mail: info@redzidigital.com , tel . no. +371 25925427, which is Web The owner and content of the site vizidigital.com author as _ also provides Web users of the website redzidigital.com access Web site redzidigital.com and in it existing Content and Services ;
  • Services Web Hosting sites redzidigital.com and in it available content and / or Service use rights ;
  • User – Web sites redzidigital.com user is the any age natural person or a legal person which attends Web site seeiditalital.com and use any of the Web on the site available materials or Services .
  • Terms – these Web sites use of redzidigital.com regulations ( hereinafter also – the Regulations ) determine the order in which  Web sites vizidigital.com users ( hereinafter also – Users ) use Web available at vizidigital.com content and / or Services , k urus provided by SIA “REDZI Digital”, which is the Web The owner and content of the site vizidigital.com author and these Terms you you agree follow from the first Web visits to vizidigital.com moment .
  1. At work launch Web at redzidigital.com

1.1.   Login The website redzidigital.com is underway at https://redzidigital.com , is available on PCs, tablets and mobile apps and does not require additional authentication .

1.2. A user who wants to start using                 and using the website redzidigital.com in it placed materials and available services , user agrees these rules .

1.3. In the event that the User does not agree to the use of the website redzidigital.com terms , please do not visit and do not use The website seeiditalital and do not use in it inserted content and offerings services .

1.4. No additional authentication is required to start working on redzidigital.com and becoming a user of redzidigital.com.

1.5. The user can contact SIA “REDZI Digital ” on the website redzidigital.com in the section “Home” by pressing the button “Contact us” and in the section “Write e-mail” by entering the Name, Surname, e-mail and information in the appropriate fields or by sending email to info@redzidigital.com.

  • General Web terms of the website vizidigital.com

2 . 1 .       These Regulations in total With attachments (if applicable) is the intended for information for SIA “REDZI Digital” as also Web sites seeiditalital usage and the web the content / Service available on the website use N rule for presentation to the persons / Users specified in these Rules and where _ _ used Web site redzidigital.com .

2 . 2 .       Before any Web sites see content.com Services / Services use Web on the site redzidigital.com please carefully to read these Rules and make sure you follow them right to understand . Please to draw attention to that before Web sites redzidigital.com Service for use , for the User is the obligation to meet these Terms of Privacy policies and cookies use policy .

2.3.   Launching the Web use of the website redzidigital.com , the user must read the terms of use of cookies and choose to accept the mandatory cookies and choose to agree / disagree with the terms of use of other cookies provided in the relevant section of the cookie menu on the Website . Disagreeing for one of the cookies types , User will not be able to to use section In the “Home” and “Write e-mail” sections, enter the Name, Surname, e-mail and information in the appropriate fields .

2 . 4 .       The user is invited maintain these Terms the future needs .

2 . 5 .       Please be informed also about the fact that these Rules can be amended this Terms 6 . part specified in order . Every once using _ Web The site seeidigital.com and its content / Services , we recommend to review Terms to _ The user should made sure completely understands with _ to whom conditions in that particular in case is done on the website redzidigital.com Content / Service use . The last once these The rules were updated 202 2 . of 10 . in May .

2 . 6 .       Violating any of the following those mentioned terms , you may be terminated approach Web for redzidigital.com :

2 . 6 .1. Not allowed to use Web site seeidigital.com illegal or unauthorized purposes .

2 . 6 .2. Not allowed to use Web site seeidigital.com as remote storage server or file accommodation service .

2 . 6 . 3 . Not allowed to use content for publication or in the Republic of Latvia and Europe The Union may have illegal .

2 . 6 . 4 . Not allowed to use content for publication or advertising that promotes illegal activities .

2 . 6 . 5 . Not allowed to use , publish t or advertised t P ornographic nature contains u .

2 . 6.6 . Not allowed to use content for publication or advertising which _ the only one the aim is the to cause damage or cause  hate , or contains what may be considered defamatory .

2 . 6 . 7 . Do not use r asistic nature contains u or anywhere u cit u contains u which _ the aim is the promote another person intimidation or humiliation .

2 . 6 . 8 . Not to be used on the Web site crawl like ” fast _ _ _ become rich ’ or other questionable schemes .

2 . 6 . 9 . Do not use the Web You can see the site at digital.com and its content at sites where both collected donations other than cases where _ is the received unambiguous permission from SIA “REDZI Digital”.

2 . 6 . 10 . Do not use the Web the site seesidigital.com and its content on sites whose sole the aim is the get search engine rank or followers in social networks .

2 . 6 . 11 . Do not use the Web The site is seen by digital.com and its content on sites whose content mainly consists of a third parties ads or copied content .

2 . 6 .1 2 . Web You may not post content that violates Google Sites on redzidigital.com quality guidelines .

2 . 6 .1 3 . Web You may not post content that violates Google ‘s unwanted content on vizidigital.com software policy .

2 . 7 .       You agree that the Web The site vizidigital.com will not :

2 . 7 .1. abuse to use or interfere Web the operation of the site redzidigital.com ;

2 . 7 .2. upload or to publish content that is published Web site seeidigital.com and is protected With copyright or otherwise subject to SIA “REDZI Digital” or the third person ownership , unless you you are not as follows rights owner or if you are not legal written by the owner permits ;

2 . 7 .3. upload , publish or advertise any content that is illegal , harmful , threatening , abusive , harassing , defamatory , vulgar , obscene , other person privacy offensive , hostile or racist , ethnic or otherwise negative ;

2 . 7 .4. upload or to publish any for adults provided for content ;

2 . 7 .5. send unwanted commercial e – mails ( spam );

2 . 7 .6. to offer for sale or to sell any Web the content of the site seeidigital.com / Service that violates all applicable European Union or Latvian republic laws or rules ;

2 . 7 .7. upload or publish content to which you do not have rights to broadcast according to With rights acts or contractual or trust relations ;

2 . 7 .8. upload files only therefore , to tos to host Web on the site redzidigital.com and order tos to use outside Websites created using _ _ Web sites redzidigital.com Services ;

2 . 7 .9. upload or to publish any content that promotes or provides tutorial information on illegal activities activities ;

2 . 7 .10. pretend to be anyone person or organization ;

2 . 7 .11. exceed Service the amount you are registered ;

2 . 7 .12. to use Services how to transfer service to another site ;

2 . 7 .13. to include any advertising that significantly decrease sites usability ;

2 . 7 .14. to hide redzidigital.com domain name free sites using HTML frames _ or in any in another way .

3 .      Copyright Information m _

3 .1. These Regulations both suitable for use Web sites see content / Services .

3 .2. All types of copyright to Web The website seeidigital.com and the content on it is SIA “REDZI Digital” – legal address – Ropaži street 14 k-1-26, Riga , LV-1039, registration no. 40203277708, e-mail: info@redzidigital.com (hereinafter also – the Owner) . Owner data _ both accumulated and stored – Legal person registry , registry maintainer is the Latvia Republic Company Registry information re -user SIA “LURSOFT IT”.

3 .3. More information about the owner provided in the ” About us ” section .

3 .4. Owner _ contact information provided Web sites redzidigital.com in the header and footer .

3 .5. Republishing information from the website redzidigital.com , references u z the website redzidigital.com and them content author is the mandatory .

4 .      Services

4 .1. Web on vizidigital.com is provided information about SIA “REDZI Digital” in the section “About us”, where both set out information about the activities of SIA “REDZI Digital” process special approach , team and vacancies at work advertisements , in the section “Portfolio” you can see SIA “REDZI Digital” already realized projects for SIA “REDZI Digital” Services in the “Services” section ( project management , design, front-end programming , back-end programming , video animation 2D / 3D, DevOps, SEO, GDPR rules , marketing , website maintenance services ) provided by SIA “REDZI Digital” and the User is the obligation to follow these Terms and Privacy Policy, Terms of Use of Cookies .

 4.2. Web provided by vizidigital.com pictures is the illustrative nature . Despite the to the fact that the owner dara everything possible to _ picture colors would be reflected after Options more precisely , the owner unable to guarantee that the User devices screen precisely will be reflected Service colors . User understands that the Services may not be relevant differ from their images .

4 . 3 .       For users is the available information about SIA “REDZI Digital” in the section “About us”, where both set out information about the activities of SIA “REDZI Digital” process special approach , team and vacancies at work ads as _ Also , in the section “Portfolio” you can see SIA “REDZI Digital” already realized projects .

4.4.   In the “Blog” section for Users is the possible read the blog of SIA “REDZI Digital” articles .

4.5.   Unless otherwise indicated _ otherwise , everyone Services that are offered Web The site vizidigital.com is available .

4.6.   User Web on the website redzidigital.com you can apply for the Services referred to in Paragraph 4.1 of these Regulations in the section “Services”, where the User can apply for the relevant Service by pressing the “Start a Project” button.

4.7.   In the event that the User has performed the activities referred to in Paragraph 4.6 of these Regulations, after the performance of which the Web at redzidigital.com The user must receive an e-mail, SIA “REDZI Digital” asks to check whether the e-mail from the Web The website redzidigital.com has not been included in the ” Junk ” email section. SIA “REDZI Digital” does not bear any responsibility if the User has filled in inaccurate information in any of the text fields as a result of which the User has not received the relevant e-mail or if the User has entered third party information, in which case the User bears full responsibility for losses incurred by the User. as a result of action or inaction.

4.8 . SIA “REDZI Digital” reserves rights in any at a time to change content or stop Services ( or someone so part ) with or without warning .

5 .      Personal information processing

5 .1. SIA “REDZI Digital” processes User personal data according to With The website seesidigital.com Privacy policy . Taking Considering that Privacy politics is the specified important Terms conditions , we recommend For the user carefully to read them and make sure everyone Privacy policies the rules for this are understandable and acceptable .

5 .2. Using Web site redzidigital.com and in it available Services , you you agree that SIA “REDZI Digital” may be used the following data according to With our Privacy policy .

6 .      Rights to amend rules

6 .1. SIA “REDZI Digital” reserves rights to amend these The rules in it including , but not limited to , in relation to with :

6 .1.1. The website sees the use of digital.com provision amendments ;

6 .1.2. applicable rights act amendments .

6 .2. Every once using the website seeiditalital content / Services will be In force so Terms edition that will be In force The website sees the day of use of digidigital.com .

6 . 3 .       SIA “REDZI Digital” reserves rights in any without prior notice warning change these one by one Terms . The following changes will not suitable With retroactive date . I changes made _ legal reason due , will enter In force immediately .

6.4.   You you acknowledge and agree that your obligation is the periodically to review these s Terms and be aware of all changes . Web use of the website redzidigital.com after any changes means your consent such changes .

7 .      Service refusal rights use and renewal of the Services

7 .1. For the user is the rights without specifying the reason opt out _ _ Services and signing up for the newsletter website at seeidigital.com by sending or submitting appropriate written notification this Terms 7 . 2 . point specified in the form in which would be included User notice of withdrawal from the Service use . Notice of Cancellation of the Service use to be submitted or to be sent to SIA “REDZI Digital” electronically to e – mail : support@redzidigital.com . Upon receipt of User notification electronically , SIA “REDZI Digital” immediately sends For the user confirmation of the notification receipt to User email . _

7.2.   Refusal forms sample – a follow and send this form to e – mail : support@redzidigital.com only if you want opt out of receiving Content / Services on the website redzidigital.com :

Addressee [ here indicates SIA “REDZI Digital” name , actual address and, if available , telephone number and email  address ]

I / we I / we declare that I / we I want to opt out of receiving the Services at the website seeidigital.com [ unnecessary delete ]

Date of order / date of receipt [ not applicable delete ]

Name ( s ) of user ( s ) _

User address ( es) / email

Signature ( s ) of user ( s ) [ only if this form sends to paper ]


7.3 . User , immediately , from the Notice expulsion when _ has sent SIA “REDZI Digital” a notice of refusal rights shall be discontinued the relevant Content / Service use .

7.4 . The user ( consumer ) cannot to use refusal rights and cannot return Services Minister Cabinet 20.05.2014. Regulation No. 255 “ Regulations on Distance Contracts ” in Paragraph 22 specified cases .

7.5 . SIA “REDZI Digital” after to their own discretion is the rights in any time without any reason stop Service use and conclude access Services or stop Service operation . Such Service termination will cause User The website sees the deletion of information entered and can restrict or deny access your Service use at a time entered data .

7.6 . For the avoidance of doubt , SIA “REDZI Digital” has no obligation keep , maintain or provide For the user any content a copy by the User or so proxies representatives you provide using Services .

7.7 . For the user in all cases is the rights arising from inappropriate _ Service , etc. provision of which provides Latvia Republic regulations rights acts . Returns the rules set out in in this 7 . point or citos Terms points does not affect this rights existence .

 7.8. In the event that after in these rules described Service access closing User want restore access Services , then the User must be done new Service shipment _ Web at redzidigital.com.

8 .      Delivery

8 .1. SIA “REDZI Digital” website site seeidigital.com separate deliveries fee for the Service delivery does not apply to the Service delivery both performed only electronic way to User email , if applicable .

8 . 2 .       Ownership to Web available at _ content or Services SIA “REDZI Digital” keeps everything time and the User both transferred only Service use rights (if applicable ) to until _ _ User used Service refusal rights or any other provision of these Terms applies.

9 .      Service price and delivery expenses 

9 .1. Service for use on the Web The website vizidigital.com does not charge for the use of the Services and does not charge preparation and / or delivery editions , unless SIA “REDZI Digital” Web unless otherwise stated on redzidigital.com .

9 . 2 .       Web on the site redzidigital.com Services may be subject to prices without prior notice warning . The following changes into In force after insertion _ Web on the website vizidigital.com and in case the User has chosen to purchase Web available service on the website vizidigital.com , then access to the relevant Service will be provided upon payment of the Service fee in accordance with these terms .

9.3 . SIA “REDZI Digital” does not undertake responsibility against Users or to the third persons in connection with With web on the website redzidigital.com Service (if applicable ) changes in price changes , suspension or termination .

9.4 . If SIA “REDZI Digital” deletes someone web content on the site vizidigital.com part or interrupts Services (if applicable ), if applicable is the reasonable possibly , SIA “REDZI Digital” announces The user will be notified in advance and will be given the option get information from the User purchased For services (if applicable).

1 0 . Payment

1 0 .1. In the event that someone on the Web on seeiditalital.com _ Services both apply a fee then depending on the User selected The service , according to with those offered by SIA “REDZI Digital” Service pricing (if applicable) Web on the website seeidigital.com in the relevant Service Custom making At the moment , the User pays for the selected Services, in accordance with the invoice issued by SIA “REDZI Digital” , at the time specified in the invoice, which is sent to the e-mail of the respective User.

1 0 . 2 .   Agreeing With These Websites The Terms of Use of the website redzidigital.com , the User agrees that for the paid Services, if available and purchased on the Website on the website redzidigital.com , SIA “REDZI Digital” issues electronic invoices and such issued electronic invoices are valid without a signature and are accepted by the User and agree to receive such invoices in the e-mail specified in the Service Order.

10.3.    Web The website redzidigital.com does not provide Tax Free services .

1 0.4 . Payments the amount (if any) for the Services both suitable depending on the User selected Service , according to with those offered by SIA “REDZI Digital” Service pricing (if any ) defined and published web website seeidigital.com) Web on the site redzidigital.com in question Service Custom making at the moment .

1 0.5 . In the case of the first Service custom is the changed any User information that may affect payment payment for the Service use , to the User is the obligation above or immediately after information changes notify SIA “REDZI Digital” by e – mail : info@redzidigital.com , indicating relevant User information changes .

1 1 . User rights and obligations

1 1 .1. For the user is the rights to use Web site content / Services _ only according to With these Terms and User is the rights in any at a time opt out of the Content / Service use / receipt .

1 1 .2. User Undertakes Web site seeiditalital.com to provide only correct and complete information where _ intended for such opportunity . Changing User specified information , to the User is the obligation immediately renew it and inform SIA “REDZI Digital” about it.

1 1 .3. User Undertakes honestly and correctly to use Web site seeidital.com, do no harm it s for work or stable operation . If the User does not comply this liabilities , SIA “REDZI Digital” is rights without prior notice warning restrict , stop ( terminate ) User chance to use Web The website redzidigital.com and SIA “REDZI Digital” are not responsible for anyone related to it User losses .

1 1 .4. For the user is the obligation pay for ordered fees For services (if applicable ) for which Web The website vizidigital.com specifies the usage fee and accept tos this Terms specified in order .

1 1 .5. Despite the to obligations laid down in citos Terms points , User Undertakes before Service use at the beginning view Services and make sure you receive Services are those that the User ordered .

1 1 .6. For the user is the obligation to follow other in these Regulations and Latvian Republic rights acts intended requirements .

1 1 .7. User assumes responsibility for the Service use Appropriately concerned Service purpose , this em Terms of Copyright in law , in others Latvia Republican and international regulations acts specified requirements . Any Service use which does not comply with these N regulations will be considered to be the rights of SIA “REDZI Digital” infringement .

1 1 .8. User s Undertakes don’t transfer to the third persons Service use and provision rights as _ also all here mentioned rights , interests or responsibilities ( either in accordance with With the law , or otherwise ) without prior notice written consents of SIA “REDZI Digital” . Subject to above the Service _ provision Regulations is the binding For the user and that concerned guardians , trustees , descendants and trustees transferees , they benefit and are _ enforceable .

  1. SIA “REDZI Digital” rights and obligations

1 2 .1. SIA “REDZI Digital” provides Services and places content web at seeidigital.com under With these Terms .

1 2 .2. Duty of SIA “REDZI Digital” is :

1 2 .2.1. make every effort to ensure conditions for _ User could properly to use Web provided by the website redzidigital.com Services ;

1 2 .2.2. to respect User privacy , the user ‘s personal data to process only Terms of Privacy politics and Latvia Republic rights acts specified in order .

1 2 .3. SIA “REDZI Digital” undertakes follow all of these In the Terms specified requirements .

1 2 .4. SIA “REDZI Digital” can be amended Service provision terms without User consent .

  1. Warranty and User refusal rights inappropriate Service in case

1 3. 1. SIA “REDZI Digital” provides Content / Service quality Appropriately Web provided by vizidigital.com Service descriptions and these Terms like _ also Latvia Republic In force existing normative act requirements .

1 3 .2. SIA “REDZI Digital” Service use at a time provides such guarantees :

1 3 .2.1. error prevention in case of error is the incurred directly by SIA “REDZI Digital” operation as a result or Services works inappropriate Service description and / or Web sites use of redzidigital.com the following _ in case User apply Service an error in the e- mail of SIA “REDZI Digital” : info@redzidigital.com .

1 3. 2.2. About warranties maintenance issues The user may be interested asking questions while writing to e – mail : info@redzidigital.com.

1 3 .3. SIA “REDZI Digital” does not provide direct or indirect guarantees in relation to to Service suitability User specific purposes or specific business processes that are not specific agreed .

1 3 .4. User assumes risk as appropriate Service use and agree that the Services is the available in such the extent and quality of the that is the Fixed between SIA “REDZI Digital” and the User when you start using the relevant Services . Services both provided on the basis of to existing Service technical and functional opportunities and current availability .

1 3 .5. SIA “REDZI Digital” does not guarantee that the Services will answer User special requirements will be continuously , in a timely manner , safely or without errors .

1 3 .6. SIA “REDZI Digital” does not guarantee that the Service results that can be obtained using Services are a must accurate or reliable and information or another material quality provided by the User bought or gained through _ Web site vizidigital.com, will respond User expectations and all Services existing mistakes will be corrected .

  1. Outside courts dispute solving Regulations

1 4 .1. A user who want submit complaint about poor quality For services , this can be done electronically by sending claim free in shape to SIA “REDZI Digital” e- mail : support@redzidigital.com , where indicates specific Service and so non- compliance / deficiency .

1 4. 2. Submitting complaint to the User is the must be specified such information :

1 4 .2.1. Services , Invoice and Custom number , if assigned . If there is possibly the User added invoice so that SIA “REDZI Digital” can after Options faster to consider User complaint ;

1 4 .2.2. must be specified Service defect , damage signs or missing part and so on detection time if it possible ;

1 4 .2.3. must be submitted the others evidence such as the Service photography , low quality places photography (if any ) is the mechanical damage and that is the possible take pictures , print screen), etc.

1 4 .3. Submitting complaint to the User is the must be specified one of the ways _ User wants to _ claim would be resolved :
1 4 .3.1. SIA “REDZI Digital” free of charge reasonable within the time limit preventing Service non- compliance – deficiencies , if any possible prevent Appropriately guarantees rules ;

1 4. 3.2. accordingly reduce Service purchase the price (if any) for which SIA “REDZI Digital” and the User is the agreed electronically by e – mail ;

1 4 .3.3. repay User about the Service use paid money amount (if paid in accordance with these Terms) , except in the event that the Service non – compliance is the insignificant and cannot significantly to affect User Options Services to use . Service non – compliance considered insignificant if it _ significantly does not degrade Service basic function performance quality or use properties and can be prevented without causing functional / visual detectable changes In services .

1 4 .4. Considering complaint or application for personal data processing / deletion , response both provided 30 ( three days ) work _ _ day within the time of the complaint / application receipt days . If the lens reason because of in that not possible in time to provide answer to User complaint , SIA “REDZI Digital” immediately in writing inform the User thereof, indicating reasonable the period within which answer will be provided as _ also basis such extension necessity .

1 4. 5. If the User finds inappropriate quality Services and wants to stop receiving / using them , SIA “REDZI Digital” undertakes provide For the user Service termination according to With these Terms .

14 . 6 .     User both warned that arbitrary access automated data processing Web site seeiditalital.com, automated data processing Web activities of the site redzidigital.com disturbance and illegal action With in this Web included on the website information is illegal activities With automated data processing Web site seeidigital.com resource influence devices , data , software and equipment acquisition , production , modification , storage and distribution illegal activities With electronic sakaru network terminals is the criminal offenses activities and responsibilities for these activities occurs according to With Latvia Republic Criminal law .

14 . 7 .     User both warned that illegal activities With personal data _ is the administratively or criminally punishable .

14 . 8 .     Login Web for redzidigital.com with another person user words and passwords as _ also attempt them get is the criminal operation .

14 . 9 .     SIA “REDZI Digital” does not carry responsibility for the Web The site seesidigital.com normal operation if used _ software a or on the Internet browser extensions in any _ way transforms or makes unavailable Web sites redzidigital.com original content .

14.10. User is responsible for the activities carried out using Web site redzidigital.com, in it including , but not limited to , the Service Web at redzidigital.com provided data correctness . User assumes liability for the consequences of creating the Service use or Web at redzidigital.com provided data error or inaccuracies due to .

1 4 . 11 .                   User responsible for its own data storage and / or storage transfer to the third persons . If the Web provided on the website vizidigital.com Services used third parties connected Web to the website vizidigital.com using User connection data , SIA “REDZI Digital” as follows person is considered a User and a User responsible for all such third party activities performed _ Web at redzidigital.com.

1 4 . 12 . SIA “REDZI Digital”, as far as it does not contradict With applicable rights acts are _ exempt from any responsibilities in them in cases where losses occurs because the User without taking taking into account the recommendations of SIA “REDZI Digital” and their own obligations are not known With these The terms of this Privacy policy and others In the Terms specified documents to _ gan such the opportunity was provided .

1 4 . 13 .                   For the user is the obligation provide own Web on the site entered by vididigital.com data safe storage and them not reveal how also ensure that the data is the known only itself and the data used only the User himself as also not to transfer and also citos faces not create chance others persons With these data to meet or tos to use . If it occurs suspected of connecting data was able to to find out another person immediately must notify SIA “REDZI Digital” as also immediately must inform SIA “REDZI Digital” about connection Web sites redzidigital.com data infringement or disclosure . All actions performed using _ _ User identification data shall be considered as User performed by the User assumes full responsibility for such operation consequences .

1 4 . 14 .                   Violation of these Terms by using Web site seeidital.com, violating if half responsible Latvia Republic and the European Union In the Union In force existing ones rights acts specified in order .

1 4 . 15 . In case SIA “REDZI Digital” violates this Terms conditions , it is the responsible for the User incurred direct damage or direct losses incurred as _ _ this Terms infringement expected consequences . Harm or losses both considered foreseeable , if any obviously a violation of SIA “REDZI Digital” consequences or , if so damage or losses to SIA “REDZI Digital” and the User was aware Web at the time you start usingididitalital.com and the Services therein .

1 4 . 16 . SIA “REDZI Digital” delivers Services only User personal for use . User Undertakes not to use to purchase Services commercial , business or resale purposes , and SIA “REDZI Digital” will not responsible for any User not gained profit , business losses , activities disorders or losses in connection with With lost business opportunities .

1 4 . 17 . SIA “REDZI Digital” is not responsible for anything else company sites provided information , even if Users gets into in these websites using SIA “REDZI Digital ” Web on the site redzidigital.com existing indication .

1 4 . 18 . User clearly you understand and agree that SIA “REDZI Digital” is not responsible for any direct , indirect , incidental , special , consequential or indirect or exemplary losses , including , but not limited to , losses on profits loss of intangible assets value , use , data or others intangibles losses (even if SIA “REDZI Digital” has informed of the following damage probability ) resulting from:

1 4 . 18 .1. Service use or incapacity tos to use ;

1 4 . 18 .2. substitute Service and Service procurement costs incurred in purchasing _ Services , data , information or upon receipt messages or transactions carried out using _ Services ;

1 4 . 18 .3. not allowed access User information or data or their transformation ;

1 4 . 18 .4. any third party notices or action P in service ;

1 4 . 18 .5. or anyone other With Services related question .

1 4 .1 9 .                   To the extent permitted law , SIA “REDZI Digital” common responsibility for any requirements according to With these N regulations , including any _ no really guarantees are _ limited up to the amount that the User paid for the Service use (if applicable ).

1 4 . 20 .                   SIA “ REDZI Digital” is aware that in some countries For the user how to the consumer may have legitimate rights which _ differed from Latvia Republic In force existing consumer rights . If the User used Services personal purposes , nothing in these In the Terms does not restrict consumer legitimate rights , of which unable to give up according to with these rules .

1 4 . 21 .                   User is aware and agrees that SIA “REDZI Digital” is not responsible and this does not cover any losses for the User and / or the third person performed activities Web on the website vizidigital.com and / or Web sites redzidigital.com Services or outside those that SIA REDZI Digital above was not possible guess , prevent and which is the contradiction With these Terms and Conditions regulations acts .

1 5 . Events outside SIA “REDZI Digital” control

1 5 .1. SIA “REDZI Digital” will not be responsible for any commitment according to With with this Regulation non-compliance or performance delay , if any non – compliance or inhibition of r odas in connection with With events outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” as that is the defined this Article 15.2. point .

1 5 .2. Event outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” means any activities or an event justified by SIA REDZI Digital unable to to control , including decisions taken by the Government of the Republic of Latvia, the declaration of a state of emergency, the operation of war, the political situation, the threat of acts of terrorism, the conditions of a pandemic or natural disasters .

1 5 .3. In case it happens event outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” , which affects proper commitment of SIA “REDZI Digital” performance according to with these Terms : _

1 5 .3.1. SIA “REDZI Digital” immediately will be informed User ;

1 5 .3.2. Fulfillment of obligations of SIA “REDZI Digital” arising from these Terms will be suspended and commitment performance due date will be extended for a period equal to With event outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” duration . If events outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” affects Service delivery To the user , SIA “REDZI Digital” will coordinate new deliveries date after the event of SIA “REDZI Digital” outside the control of SIA “REDZI Digital” end (if applicable ).

1 6 . Information sending

1 6 .1. In the Terms used the term “in writing ” includes also emails . _

1 6 .2. User to _ to communicate with SIA “REDZI Digital” in writing or in the event that the Terms is the intended User obligation get in touch with SIA “REDZI Digital” in writing , sends an e- mail to SIA “REDZI Digital” to address : info@redzidigital.com or regular letter addressed to society With limited liability of SIA “REDZI Digital” to the address specified in these Terms . SIA “REDZI Digital” in writing will be informed User on notification receipt ( usually by e-mail ) . Refusal rights for the purpose of using and derogating from these Terms User procedure for contacting SIA “REDZI Digital ” is the intended for this Article 6 of the Regulations . point .

1 6 .3. SIA “REDZI Digital” everyone statements For the user sends to Web on the site redzidigital.com User the specified e-mail address , if the User has used the relevant data entry forms available on the website, which provide for the User’s e-mail input .

1 7 . Other provisions

1 7 .1. Any derogations from these Terms is the In force only in such in case they is the designed With written document .

1 7 .2. The user taking into account Latvia Republic In force existing rights acts , and determined rights that are related With inappropriate quality P services . None this Terms requirement would not be must be interpreted how to one that restricts or restricts as follows rights use .

1 7 .3. SIA “REDZI Digital” is rights to transfer own rights and obligations according to with these Terms _ to the third person or persons , however as follows rights and obligations for transfer will not be no impact to User rights and SIA “REDZI Digital” liabilities according to With these Terms . The following transfer In this case, SIA “REDZI Digital” will inform Users providing _ information on the transfer Web at redzidigital.com.

1 7 .4. User has no rights put all or part rights or obligations arising from these _ Terms of the third person or for persons without SIA “REDZI Digital” written consent .

1 7 .5. If any of these Terms the truth declared illegal , invalid _ or not applicable , others this Terms rules remains valid and applicable full amount . Any of these Terms a condition found to be illegal , invalid or not applicable only partly or specified will remain _ In force in such to the extent that that did not declared illegal , invalid _ or not applicable .

1 7 .6. If these Not specified in the regulations otherwise , any delay of SIA “REDZI Digital” that is related With own performance of rights / obligations according to with these Terms does not mean User discharge _ _ performance or abandonment of these rights , but separate or partial any commitments execution or any rights separate or partial use of does not mean that these obligations need not be met or these rights unable to below to use .

1 7 .7. For these Terms and Conditions between parties according to With these Terms applicable Latvia Republic regulations rights acts and those explained on the basis of to Latvia Republic applicable regulations rights acts .

1 7 .8. Disputes between Users and SIA “REDZI Digital ” mutual conversation on the way . If SIA “REDZI Digital” refuses satisfy User complaint or User does not agree with the offers of SIA “REDZI Digital” solutions and states that it rights or interests have been violated , the User may submit complaint Consumer out of court dispute solving Commission located in Freedoms street 55, Riga , Latvia , LV-1010, which solves consumer disputes ( more information on the dispute addressing available http://www.ptac.gov.lv/lv ).

1 7 .9. Every dispute , disagreement or claim arising from these _ Terms or is the connected With these Terms , their violation , termination or In force existence , definitively decisive Latvia Republic regulations acts specified in order .

1 7 .10. In addition above specified , the User may use electronic dispute solving platform (ODR) to solve disputes on the web on the site redzidigital.com used or purchased Services . More information http://ec.europa.eu/odr .

Revised 10.05.2022.