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The primary goal of the Brivdienu Kolka project was to develop a website showcasing available cottages near the sea, with direct booking capabilities, bypassing the need for platforms like The target audience consists of individuals who value the quality of the cottages and the service provided. A significant challenge was to create data synchronization with the Booking platform to prevent overlapping reservations.

brivdienu kolka screen shot
brivdienu kolka screen shot
brivdienu kolka screen shot


The design was crafted to be modern yet clean, with a responsive layout to cater to mobile devices, as most users access the site through social media. The color scheme incorporates tones associated with the Livonian heritage of Kolka. A dedicated UX plan was developed to ensure precise workflow and overall concept alignment.


The solution was built on the WordPress platform, utilizing the WP Booking plugin to facilitate reservations. A key complexity was the synchronization with the Booking platform. Additionally, custom features were developed to display each cottage accurately on a map, allowing users to check availability by specific dates.



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