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Pāce kalēji zirgaiudzētava tīmekļa vietne

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The journey of developing this project has been an endeavor dedicated to creating an exhilarating and memorable experience centered around horse competitions. With a focus on blending the thrill of equestrian contests and the joy of communal celebration, we’ve meticulously crafted an event that brings together seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike. From meticulously planned routes that challenge participants’ skills to a spectrum of engaging activities for families and children, this project seeks to establish a harmonious blend of competition and camaraderie. As the heart of this project, Zirgaudzētava Kalēji stands as a place where cherished horses meet passionate individuals, fostering an ambiance that captures the essence of these extraordinary competitions.


We designed with two key goals: being cutting edge and standing out from competitors. Our process involved experimenting with innovative layouts, creatively presenting content, and animating assets.

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