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Latvia, Lithuania, Norway
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The objective of the Happy Kids project was to develop digital educational materials for preschool children to make learning more engaging and interactive. The target audience includes kindergartens and their students. One of the main challenges was designing visually comprehensible tasks for children, ensuring that educational content is both engaging and easy to understand.

digitāli mācibu materiāli happykids
digitāli mācibu materiāli happykids
digitāli mācibu materiāli happykids


The design of the Happy Kids platform is characterized by a clean, minimalistic style with easily readable text. Visualizations are created in an animated style to make them more appealing to children. Client requirements emphasized ease of use on tablets, as the platform is primarily intended for use on such devices. The main color scheme follows the Creakids branding, ensuring a familiar and friendly visual environment. Special attention was given to user experience (UX), with a simple filter system allowing users to easily find tasks by category and age group.


The Happy Kids platform was developed using the Laravel Framework, tailored specifically to meet the client’s needs. The backend is powered by PHP and MySQL. The development also included creating a custom administration panel that allows for adding various types of task templates. This includes features like a task editor for assembling tasks such as spinning wheels, drag-and-drop activities, and audio listening tasks. Key technical requirements included multilingual support, with the platform now available in Latvian, English, Lithuanian, and Norwegian, and used daily by kindergartens in these countries.



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