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Welcome to the “Šampētera nams” website, dedicated to the management of state-owned real estate and the execution of functions within the Ministry of Welfare of Latvia. Designed exclusively for government employees, this platform provides essential information about state-owned properties.

Our primary goal is to make information about available real estate easily accessible. The website focuses exclusively on state-owned properties, offering a comprehensive overview of their details and status. It’s available in Latvian to cater to our local audience.

In a remarkable two-month turnaround time, we not only migrated data from the previous website but also introduced an innovative feature: text-to-audio conversion using HUGO. This ensures that the information is accessible to everyone, including those who may have difficulty reading text.

Explore the “Šampētera nams” website to gain valuable insights into state-owned properties and discover how we’re making information more inclusive and accessible for all.


We designed with two key goals: being cutting edge and standing out from competitors. Our process involved experimenting with innovative layouts, creatively presenting content, and animating assets.

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