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A Speedy, Seamless Upgrade with REDZI Digital
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DabDental, the leading distributor of professional dental products and equipment in Latvia since 2005, is renowned for its extensive and quality range. Their project “Tavam Smaidam” (For Your Smile) stands as a prime example of how e-commerce can enhance business growth and reach a broader audience.

Problem Statement:

DabDental faced a challenge – their e-commerce platform was slow, impacting customer experience and sales. Additionally, they struggled with API data exchange issues with their main warehouse system, SKALA, creating further challenges.

Involvement of REDZI Digital:

REDZI Digital was chosen as the new technical partner, thanks to their previous experience and positive reviews. Before the first meeting, REDZI Digital conducted a thorough pre-analysis of the project to precisely understand and identify the existing issues.

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Solutions and Improvements:

REDZI Digital took a series of strategic steps to enhance the performance of DabDental’s e-commerce platform:

Assessment on the Old Server:

  • The initial state of the project was assessed on the old server. It was found to be running on PHP 7.4, and the GTmetrix rating was an “F”. This indicated slow server response times. Full GTmetrix report

Migration to Our Server:

  • The project was migrated to REDZI Digital’s server, where WordPress and all plugins were updated to operate on PHP 8.1.
  • After this minor update, the GTmetrix rating improved to a “D”, demonstrating the server’s efficiency. Full GTmetrix report
  • REDZI Digital utilizes Amazon AWS European servers to ensure performance.

Web Performance Enhancement Works:

  • An effective WP Rocket cache plugin was installed.
  • Large images on the homepage were optimized.
  • Unnecessary code was removed, and CSS and JS codes were minimized.
  • Additional configuration works were carried out to ensure optimal performance.

Results After 8 Hours of Work:

  • Following an intensive 8 hours of work, a re-analysis of the project with GTmetrix was conducted, and the result was an “A” rating – a testament to a significant improvement in performance. Full GTmetrix report

These enhancements significantly improved the performance and user experience of DabDental’s e-commerce platform, proving REDZI Digital’s ability to provide effective and successful solutions.

Results and Client Feedback:

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After the improvements made by REDZI Digital, DabDental was highly satisfied with the results. Their e-commerce site’s loading speed improved, data exchange with the warehouse system became flawless, and there was an improvement in Google SEO organic visits. Positive feedback from the client was a testament to a successful project.

Conclusion and Long-term Collaboration:

DabDental chose to continue its collaboration with REDZI Digital, opting for the “Advance Support” plan for long-term maintenance and updating. This collaboration marks a step forward in achieving DabDental’s goal – to provide the largest and most diverse range of dental materials and equipment in Latvia.


We are very satisfied with ReDzi Digital team performance.

They took over our websites less than year ago, and we are very pleasantly surprised of how things are happening now.

Professional, fast, reliable.

Truly recommended.